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Marketing Coordinator @ Zivity. Photographer. Artist. Poet of sorts. Lover of beauty, art, philosophy, beer, and rainbows.

Its crunch time for finals in my photography class and I’ve been working on the final project which is supposed to be a series of 5-10 cohesive images that have a theme/story line.

Duality has always been a recurring theme in my work, and I have been putting together a self-portrait series embodying the way all women have a light and dark side to them. The final project will have 5 total images with 2 pictures on each print (two separate images side by side showing contrasting messages).

So far, the project has been going alright but I am still struggling with maneuvering the camera the way I need it and taking photos from far away.

The project is still in baby mode, but what do you think so far?  :)

Exciting New Opportunities Ahead


I am excited to announce that I am now the official marketing coordinator at Zivity!

I am profoundly grateful to work for this company for so many reasons.

Firstly, Zivity’s artistic vision aligns so closely with my own. They work to highlight the beauty of the human body, and if…

Hey hey - it’s Saturday, guys! 

Which is why I wanted to start featuring some of my favorite photographers just because…well…I feel like it.

To kick off the first feature, I want to highlight the work of Phillip Warner (aka Lithium Picnic) who was one of the first few photographers that really got me into photography.

When I stumbled across his work in 2006, I was obsessed with alternative art. I wanted to see something, someone, shake my idea of “sexy”. Warner specializes in making women’s sexuality an edgy, alternative, slightly pornographic viewing experience.

As Bizarre magazine puts it, 

Possibly the best-known alt. girl photographer on the planet, US photographer Lithium Picnic AKA Philip Warner has shot some of the biggest names in the modelling business. Dita Von Teese, Mosh, Scar, Apnea as well as bands including Combichrist and Dir En Grey. Impress Lithium and you might just find yourself a muse to one of the finest girl photographers in the world today.  

His clean, dark, and hypnotic photos always stand out amongst others, especially in the adult category. Lithium Picnic unites sexuality and art in a way no one else can.

Dear Michael David Adams…You Rock.

Let me say one thing- I love happy accidents. I stumbled across an amazing behind the scenes video of a photoshoot by Michael David Adams.
Check it out:

The whole concept was gorgeously executed and what struck me the most is that the photographer sketched out what he wanted the photos too look like before they were even taken.

What I love the most about his work is that he emphasizes contrast and really draws the eye in then hits you with the mood (colors, theme, lighting, etc.) It’s a perfect combination of color, contrast, and expression. Love it.

Check out some of his other stuff - I am obsessed. This man is a genius.

Check out more of his work at Seriously…go check it out now. It will blow your mind.

After After Party: Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek at my most recent Zivity set, “After After Party” with Vespertine

This set was a blast to do! I threw a birthday party for a friend last Friday and had tons of party favours and empty bottles left over to use. Since we had cleaned before the this shoot, I actually had to RE mess up the loft to get the set right.

It was worth the extra mess- can’t wait to get this set up! In the mean time, watch out for more stuff on my Facebook page.

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